What are the benefits of Mindfulness and Yoga?

    • You learn breath, meditation, movement and relaxation techniques, which when practiced regularly can reduce anxiety, depression, exhaustion, irritability and stress
    • Improves heart and circularity health
    • Improves the immune system
    • Improves digestion, muscle strength, flexibility and range of movement
    • Improves posture and reduces neck, shoulder and back tension and pain
    • Improves attention, concentration, working memory, creativity and problem solving
    • Improves sleep


Research indicates short but regular mindfulness practice can lead to positive outcomes. However, keeping staff engaged in regular mindfulness practice and making time to do this can be challenging.

To promote staff engagement and motivation I can embed brief practices throughout the working day. For example, short mindfulness practices in the morning, at lunch time, at the start of meetings, before appraisals, presentations and other events.


I can provide individualised yoga classes to meet the health and wellbeing needs of your team. Sessions can be tailored to fit around the working day and can take place on chairs or mats depending on the space. I can offer regular classes to support staff to maintain the benefits of practice.