I offer a variety of mental health skills workshops for employees aimed at enhancing wellbeing and managing anxiety, depression and stress. Workshops can be delivered in house and can be a great addition to CPD events and conferences. A good place to start is with a Mindfulness and Compassionate Mind introductory session.

Mindfulness introductory workshop

Mindfulness is paying attention to what is happening in the present moment; in the mind, body and environment, with an attitude of curiosity and kindness. This moment-by-moment awareness allows us to choose what is helpful for us to focus on, experience or do, rather than living our lives on autopilot. By engaging in mindfulness exercises on a regular basis we can train our minds to become really present, so we can respond wisely. This session offers an overview of what mindfulness is and the benefits of practicing. Guided meditation practices are woven throughout the workshop to allow an opportunity to experience meditation and the associated benefits.

Compassionate Mind Workshop

We can often be understanding, kind and compassionate towards others, but we can be much harder and critical towards ourselves. Learning to be kinder and more compassionate to ourselves leads to improved mental resilience, self-acceptance, calmness and wellbeing. This session offers an experiential exercise to bring awareness to our inner critic, followed by several experiential practices designed to develop and strengthen our compassionate mind; bringing a sense of soothing to our mind and body.